Tracking Dream SMP's Twitch Viewership Movements

Ever wondered how Twitch viewers move between streamers, depending on who goes live? How do streamers' individual streaming habits affect the overall streaming landscape? How does Twitch viewership evolve through time? To answer these questions, I developed an interactive visualization of viewership movements between members of Dream SMP's Minecraft Twitch community.

Helpful Hints:

• Hover over a face to see how many viewers are currently watching the selected streamer.
• Hover over a link to see how many viewers have moved from watching one streamer to another.
• Drag the block on the slider to see how the streaming landscape changes over time.
• Press PLAY to automatically step through all the available times.
• Press or to selectively step through each time.

Interactive Visualization by Sabina Chen © May 2021
Inspired by Visualizing Twitch Communities, Dream SMP Relationship Chart, and Animated Sankey Links
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