Visualizing Ludwig's 31-Day Subathon

[?] User Types
Streamer: A user live broadcasting on Twitch.
Viewer: A user watching a live stream.
Follower: A user that has pressed the "Follow" button on a channel (free).
Subscriber: A user that has purchased a channel subscription (requires $$$).

Subathon Timer
Amount of time left in stream (hours:minutes:seconds). Each new subscriber adds 10 seconds to the subathon timer.

By Activity
Game category on Twitch during the stream.

By Ludwig/Modcast
"Modcast" occurs when Ludwig is asleep, Slime takes over when Ludwig is "Away", and all other times is when "Ludwig" is awake and in control of the stream.

By Time
Colors the graph according to the time of day. All times are calculated in EST.

By Events
Interesting mini-clips of events that occurred during the stream. Events can help explain subscription spikes or other phenomeons that happened during this time.